Vicky & Jorge: A Ceremony in the Beautiful Countryside

As a Hertfordshire wedding photographer, I’m often asked to travel to destinations just outside the county borders, to shoot at some of the UK’s most fascinating and stunning sites. When I got contacted about the possibility of being their wedding photographer at High Rocks, Tunbridge Wells, I knew I’d be shooting amongst incredible scenery, in what is arguably the most intriguing and naturally beautiful area in the south.

I have to admit I did have a few butterflies on the morning of the wedding. Although I have to be on top form at every event I shoot, I felt like the pressure was definitely on today. Not only was I being assisted by my good friend and talented fellow wedding photographer Martin Hobby, but the bride’s sister Theresa was also a wedding photographer! Fortunately, I had met with Vicky and Jorge prior to their wedding, so I was sure they had confidence in me to get the job done.

For a venue like High Rocks, I’m really glad I had Martin at my side. This particular venue, and the way Vicky and Jorge had decorated it, meant that it could either be seen as very historic and traditional, or incredibly modern and contemporary. To capture both views, two very different photography styles were needed, which is why it worked so well for myself and Martin to work together, both using our own favourite techniques to create contrasting pictures.

High Rocks is located amongst a natural phenomenon – rugged rocks dating back millions of years that jut out from the surrounding landscape. The venue has been designed to fit in with the environment, with a very historic feel – large and classicly-styled windows and low, wooden ceiling beams for example. However, the interior is actually very understated, sort of like a blank slate. This was great for Vicky and Jorge – it meant they could marry amidst the breathtaking scenery, while still putting their own contemporary twist on things. The couple did this through vivid blue accents that stood out against the wooden interiors.

While I was at High Rocks, I started to think about how this venue was one of just a few that really stand out to me as being absolutely ideal in both summer and winter. In summer, couples can make use of the amazing gardens, celebrating under the warmth of the sun. In winter, however, the venue can be transformed into a winter wonderland. Vicky and Jorge opted for small fairy lights wound around the wooden beams for ambiance, which would also work brilliantly during the darker winter months for a warming, welcoming glow. As I said, High Rocks really is a blank slate, and I can’t wait to see how my next wedding photography at High Rocks couple make it their own.

Please see my favourite movie-set like photo I captured on Vicky and George`s wedding during the sunset over the Rocks. I hope you will like it.