Alexa and Nick – The Kensington Wedding Photography

Alexa and Nick – The Kensington Hotel Wedding Photography

From the first day we met we knew that we had a special connection and it wasn’t long before we decided that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.  Nick arranged to most romantic weekend away, rose petals and champagne included, in the Cotswolds to make his proposal on 10th October 2015. Naturally, we jumped straight into wedding planning. Urban chic with a romantic February setting, fairy lights and live music to complement. 

It was a perfect wedding…for another couple. With the increasing pressures of event planning, organising and costs we quickly realised that it wasn’t what we wanted. A wedding is a beautiful day to celebrate two people coming together and declaring their love for each other and their desire to be a family. We settled on an intimate affair with just our immediate loved ones in attendance. It was a perfect ceremony at Chelsea Old Town Hall with a delicious champagne afternoon tea at The Kensington. My favourite part of the day was walking down the aisle, looking at Nick not sure whether to cry or laugh with happiness.

We have so many memories from our special day and we want to thank everyone for all their warm wishes and kind words. We’d also like to say a big thank you to all those who helped our special day come together. We are sorry that we could not invite all of our friends and family but we are delighted to share these stunning pictures with you all.”