London Town Hall Hotel Wedding Photographer

Lyndon and Kirstin – London Town Hall Hotel Wedding Photographer

Lyndon and Kirstin’s wedding was an Australian and Scottish affair, and their wedding was such a beautiful, sophisticated event. It was at the end of summer at the London Town Hall hotel, a stunning Edwardian venue with a gorgeous art-deco interior. The location was perfect for this stylish couple – it has won numerous accolades within the design industry and has been used as a film set because of its mix of traditional architecture and 1930s style.

Shooting here was a photographer’s dream – there were loads of gorgeous opportunities to capture the details of the building. The antique chess sets and ballot boxes were particular favourites, which I wanted to weave into the feel of the day in my photos.

As the wedding unfolded I was able to capture the ceremony as it happened in the stunning traditional wood-panelled surroundings – truly an unforgettable location. The vows were read, Kirstin looked amazing, and you really got a sense for how natural Lyndon and Kirstin were together – there was no stress, just smiles, laughter and good vibrations. I also wanted to try and focus on natural moments as the day unfolded. This couldn’t have worked out better, as the speeches following the ceremony were superb, and the couple both showed themselves to be really talented dancers!

There was a chance to take some shots of the wonderful food and nibbles available too. Kirstin and Lyndon both love good food, and this was reflected in the quality of the offerings on the day. I wanted to do it all justice, but unfortunately photos can’t be tasted!

Some of my favourite shots were of the happy couple gently lit by the spotlight, and surrounded by those wonderful art-deco accoutrements; the wood panelling and the classical steps really had a 1930s ballroom feel. As ever, these shots were made so easy by the beauty of the location, and the wonderful stylings chosen by Lyndon and Kirstin that brought it all to life.

  Luxury Wedding Photography at London Town Hall Hotel Luxury Wedding Photography at London Town Hall Hotel