Kevin and Diane – Petersham Hotel Wedding Photography, Richmond

I do love Richmond and I was very keen when Diane and Kevin first got in touch to check if I was available for their wedding photography at the Petersham Hotel. Kevin and Diane are comedians and enjoy being in front of the camera. It was clear from the beginning that they had a clear idea of how they wanted their wedding day to be documented. I always offer couples flexibility in terms of style and I know that often the key is to discreetly capture all those real moments without them being aware of my presence.

Whilst Kevin preferred this photojournalistic approach including me focusing on people`s reactions, Diane was also keen to have some natural and creative couple portraits around the hotel – a perfect mix of everything in my opinion. I knew it is going to be an awesome wedding, but I had no idea how much fun and laughter we would have on the day. Diane and Kevin simply shone and this reflected on the venue and the guests. It was also a joy to work with the superb staff of the Petersham Hotel and I would like to thank them for their flexibility and professionalism.

I would like to offer a big congratulations to Diane and Kevin and will finish off with their thank you to their family: “It was such a magical day. I know everyone says that, but it was! It was made all the difference being surrounded by our family and friends, and their happiness and warmth radiated from all of them. Thank you so much to everyone who came and shared our special moment.”

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