Kent and Destination Wedding Photography


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My Style and You

I like to devote my time to getting to know you. When you book me as your wedding photographer, you will have my undivided attention, before, during and after your wedding. I can help you plan and arrange timings. Make sure that you both have everything you need on the day and present you with treasured memories to share forever.

My London wedding photography style is a perfect blend of photojournalism and contemporary fashion. I focus on you and your loved ones to ensure that I capture the real emotions felt by everyone on your day. I’ll also seek out the best spots at your chosen wedding venue for photos of you two together.

My style is also perfect for all types of weddings, including Persian, Indian, Chinese, Greek, Nigerian and Jewish weddings.

I love creating dramatic, vibrant and intense wedding photos.

Kent and Destination Wedding Photographer

As a destination wedding photographer, I’ve traveled the globe for my couples. My work has taken me as far as Australia, to photograph a beautiful wedding at the Sydney Opera House. When it’s called for, I’ve packed up my gear and flown to Hawaii, Italy, Malta and Switzerland to photograph some of the most amazing weddings.

Some of the most precious moments of your day will happen in the blink of an eye. By capturing these split seconds, I can tell the story of your day with just one photo. You might miss these moments but I’ll be there to create memories. A large part of my wedding photography style is known as photojournalism which is the fine art of capturing the emotions and atmosphere of the day in as natural a setting as possible – often without the subjects of the photograph being aware that you are even there. I use the setting and the surroundings to convey those real emotions felt by the people involved.