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If I could summarise, in a few words Lizzie and Cosmo`s wedding, I would be in great trouble. Not because I can`t find the right words, but because there are so many to choose from like classy, stunning, bubbly, sophisticated, fun, sweet and so on.

I always remind the brides that “details are important, but the people make the day”. However, this wedding had both in abundance. When I first met Lizzie and Cosmo I immediately knew what and how they wanted their wedding to be. I have seen many instances where it is looked upon at the “bride’s duty” to organise the wedding, with the groom offering some token assistance, such as choosing the cufflinks or socks,  Cosmo was very hands-on during the entire process.

I saw and felt a deep connection and harmony between them at our first meeting, and was very pleased they wanted me to photograph their wedding. Whilst I am a Hertfordshire wedding photographer based in Watford, I love travelling to venues all over the UK. I loved being at Farnham, in Surrey, to photograph their wedding.

Lizzie and Cosmo chose the stunning and historical Farnham Castle to host their wedding day.  With its 900 year history, beautiful gardens, stunning backdrops and outstanding staff, Farnham Castle proudly carries “Grade I-II” classifications as part of the British Heritage. The castle really stands out from the crowd, reflecting hundreds of years of differing architectural style, while still providing an elegant harmony to couples who decide to get married there.

What better way to finish than by letting Lizzie share her story here:

“After 10 and a half years together, Cosmo and I got married in Farnham Castle in Surrey. It was a truly fantastic day, I know everyone says it but it’s true, it really was the best day of our lives. It’s such a bizarre feeling to have everybody you care about all together in one place just for you, it creates a buzzing atmosphere of emotion and lots of smiling faces.

Our day started off with the girls getting ready together amidst a thrilling environment of nerves, excitement and anticipation. The boys were together in a hotel down the road, with a similar cocktail of emotions, preparing to walk up the hill to the beautiful Castle ready for the guests arrival. The girls watched friends and family arriving to the sunny lawn and couldn’t quite believe the moment had arrived! It turns out that crossing your fingers for beautiful weather really does work.

I loved showing everyone my dress for the first time, it was truly magnificent and it still feels ridiculous I can’t wear it again!  One of my favourite moments of the day was just before walking down the aisle, it suddenly felt so real! My six gorgeous bridesmaids went in one at a time, wowing the guests with the mix of pastel colours and pretty bouquets. The ceremony was wonderful, I will always remember our personal vows, the beautiful harpist music and the pure happiness that packed the room.

The rest of the day was filled with delicious food, plenty of drink, overdue catch ups and constant laughter. The perfect recipe for a full day of celebration.

In the run up to our wedding, the key piece of advice I took on board was to ‘enjoy every moment as the day will go so quickly’ it is so very true! During the day I kept reminding myself to ‘take it in’ and enjoy each moment but this is a very difficult thing to do when you are so overwhelmed with happiness! Certain memories are forever but of course photographs play a key part in this.”

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