December 24, 2017

Destination Wedding Photographer | Hungary

Destination Wedding Photographer Hungary – Mark and Linda

Surrey Wedding Photography

Sometimes, wedding photos can be so focused on the couple that it’s easy to forget the family involved and all the different elements that have to come together to create such a memorable day. This is one of the many reasons why I loved spending time with Mark and Linda at their early summer wedding. I really wanted the photos I took to show the whole journey – from Linda and her family and friends getting pampered and ready, to Mark and his friends waiting patiently for Linda’s arrival. It was a day to celebrate love for everyone involved.

This was a destination wedding in Hungary, and it was great for me to be able to experience the different culture and traditions involved. I’m always available for international weddings and love doing them, but this one was really special. I chose shots that emphasised what a genuinely fun and enjoyable day this was. From the subtle asides to camera Mark gave throughout, to Linda’s laughter during the ceremony, the personality of them both really comes through in the photos. You get a real sense of the genuine affection and love they feel for each other.

Following the ceremony, I went along with the newlyweds to some beautiful outdoor spaces. It was a perfect sunny day, and this is where some of my favourite shots were taken – Linda and Mark embracing in front of tree-lined paths and summer flower beds, and the stunning images of them in front of the spiralling staircase on the edge of the lake.

The evening exploded with merriment, drinks and dancing. One thing I learned about Hungary is the importance of dancing in the culture, and I wanted to really capture this in my shots. From young to old, no one could resist the rhythm! The dancing went on in to the evening, and at the end of a wonderful day Linda looked stunning, as she had throughout. It feels great to be able to do a job that doesn’t feel like work – I loved every minute of this wedding, and felt honoured to be part of Mark and Linda’s special day.