About Chuck, Nicky and Scotty McFluff!

We are super excited to be part of your journey and we promise to capture your story in the most relaxed and amazing ways possible.

With over 300 weddings experience and being recommended by multiple venues like Farnham Castle, Petersham Hotel, High Rocks, 116 Pall Mall, Barnett Hill Hotel and others, we are a brand that you can trust your wedding photos with.

This is a picture about Chuck the best wedding photographer in Hertfordshire and at Farnham Castlle

My photography style is to mix the dynamic photo-journalistic approach with some stunning and unique couple portraits that will "knock your socks off"!

Being able to capture our clients`day in its authenticity filled with love and humour is what makes this job super enjoyable, and I can`t imagine ever giving up wedding photography.

Niki is responsible for culling images, editing wedding albums, blog posts and keeping Chuck on track. With the experience of editing over 200 weddings, she knows what the brides want.

Scotty is a key part of our brainstorming sessions and the heart of our quality assurance process. His emotional support helped Niki and Chuck to understand the importance of a midnight snack. His favourite series is “Pinky and The Brain” from 90s and he always thinks about - “How to take over the world tomorrow…”

Mr Coffee is a strongly valued member of the team. His relentless and dedicated work is is an important cog of CG Wedding Photography. Without Mr Coffee`s support, late night weddings, long hours and early starts would not be possible.

Chuck`s wedding contract may ask you whether you will provide him with hot food during the day, but he actually means hot coffee - don`t get tricked!

My style is to mix the dynamic photo-journalistic approach with somen stunning and unique couple portraits thanks to over 300 weddings experience and having an assistant with me on the day.

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